Re: Formatting Options in HTML? (Joe Germuska)
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Subject: Re: Formatting Options in HTML?
To: (Michael Grobe)
Date: Fri, 14 May 1993 15:55:49 -0500 (CDT)
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Michael Grobe wrote:
> extrapolating just a bit from this line of experience, i concluded that
> an html renderer (or www client) should allow the READER to
> define how to render html constructs.  for example, the reader should

Exactly!  (he says, blushing and hoping no one realizes that he was the one
who started this thread from the opposite side of the field... :-)

No, but I get it now, and would very much like to see this kind of
customizability added to web browsers, especially (of course) XMosaic --
especially mostly because a GUI offers so many more formatting options and
XMosaic is my GUI browser of choice...

That reminds me -- can HTML authors declare new tags?  It would seem far
too complicated for clients to deal with newly introduced styles, but
perhaps, with customizable displays, the client could just add unfamiliar
styles to the "style index", and the user could make changes as desired...
(remember I know next to nothing about the implementation of Web clients,
so if this is outrageous, please be gentle :-)  

(who again invites people to critique

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