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Date:     Sat,  15 May 93 15:28 +0300
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From: Dudu Rashty +972-2-584848 <RASHTY%HUJIVMS.BITNET@cearn.bitnet>
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Hello All,

I have written two new VMS SEARCH gateways.

The first one is a regular Search server and the second is a phone search

This servers can execute VMS search (like grep) commands and return a
hypertext pointer of the files found with match.
(The phone search server return the items found in each file as plaintext)

The search have AND and OR capabilities (currently just OR or Just AND).

What this server means is that it is possible to search all the *local* node
tree or define any part of the local node for searching.

I will put it in anonymous ftp www.huji.ac.il cd WWW/VMS_SEARCH

I think that it will be good if someone will do the same for Unix grep.

**      this server accepts the following:
**      http://node/SEARCH/intro_file_name%search_area?keylist
**      http://node/SEARCH/intro_file_name%search_area?
**      http://node/SEARCH/search_area?keylist
**      http://node/SEARCH/search_area?
**      where
**	- intro_file_name: Is an introduction file describing the search
**	- search_area: Is a VMS description of the files to search, it
**	      can be any of the following : disk:[...]*.*,disk:[user]*.ext ...
**      - keylist: Is a combination of words separated by : for OR
**           or & for AND (can't mix OR with AND YET @@), for example
**           A:B:C (A OR B OR C), A&B&C (A AND B AND C)
**	     @@ NOT PERMITTED YET !!! (A:B&C)
**	Important: The directory in which the server run must be with o:rwd
**	so the search result can be written and letter read and delete.
**      Bugs:
**	- Can't mix AND with OR

:                                                      **** Thanks !! **** :
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