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From: Dave_Raggett <>
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Subject: Re:  HTML DTD
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 14:50:37 BST
Mailer: Elm [revision:]
> Marc Andreessen mentioned that you were working on the HTML DTD and
> that you might be able to answer some of my questions regarding
> the future direction of HTML.  Specifically, are there any plans
> to directly support any of the following features in HTML:
>         - Graphics (ie., similar to the <IMG> extension that
>           the NCSA folks are using in Mosaic)

Yes. Current thinking is to adopt the NCSA's <IMG> element, perhaps with
some additional attributes, and to also have an element for inline icons.

>         - Super- and subscripts

Can you tell me what you want these for. Footnotes and cross references
are best handled in other ways, while a full treatment of mathematical
equations is outside the scope of HTML and best handled by embedding

>         - Non-breakable spaces (outside of <PRE> sections).
>           Eg., to keep a phrase within a sentence from being
>           split across lines.

Good idea.

>         - Support for popup windows (ie., specifying that a
>           piece of text or a graphic should appear in a separate
>           popup window)

The approach I am considering is to allow for information to be specified
as being outside the linear flow of the document. If you look at magazines
you will see that such floating panels are common place for illustrations,
background material, and advertisements.

> Actually, any general information that you can provide regarding
> current and future plans for HTML would be greatly appreciated.

If you don't mind looking at work in progress (incomplete and inconsistent)
try looking at

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