Re: Keeping HTML Simple & Format negotiation between Browser & Server (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Fri, 28 May 93 20:21:18 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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To: (Pei Y. Wei)
Subject: Re: Keeping HTML Simple & Format negotiation between Browser & Server
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Pei Y. Wei writes:
> However, one could think of lots of other applications where it would 
> be easier and more appropriate to use area-overlay-buttons. Just look at
> the numerous HyperCard stackwares that use ``invisible fields'' to
> implement highly neat effects. This approach, however hard-coded but
> no more than ``HREF='' is hard-coded, has the benefits of no necessary
> dependence on a server.

I agree.

> An example of invisible/see-thru buttons overlaying an image -- face.gif
> is visible, and has two invisible area oriented anchors pointing to 
> eyes.gif and mouth.gif respectively. Probably unnecessary, but WIDTH & 
> HEIGHT could be specified to handle scaling. Also, perhaps <FIGA> should
> simply be <A>. :
> 	<FIGURE SRC="" TYPE="image/gif"
> 		WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100>
> 	  <FIGA HREF="" TYPE="image/gif"
> 		x0=20 y0=10 x1=80 y1=30>
> 	  <FIGA HREF="" TYPE="image/gif"
> 		x0=40 y0=70 x1=60 y1=80>
> 	  <FIGCAP>Spy a face</FIGCAP>
> 	</FIGURE>

Looks good to me.  Two comments: my gut feeling is that coordinates
should be in pixel space, and that if the browser scales the image it
should readjust any transmitted coordinates to match when the user
actually selects something.  And, I think it should be possible
to specify more than one rectangle per "FIGA" (e.g...

 	  <FIGA HREF="" TYPE="image/gif"

...or something similar).