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Bill Janssen <>
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Date: 	Tue, 1 Jun 1993 12:06:34 PDT
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From: Bill Janssen <>
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Subject: Re: Re STRONG, B, I, and U
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Excerpts from ext.WorldWideWeb: 1-Jun-93 Re STRONG, B, I, and U
Dave_Raggett@hplb.hpl.hp (1477)

> I think this is perhaps a bit extreme, and in practice most people would
> prefer some preservation of italic emphasis etc.  (an empirical question)

I agree.  My only point is that the markup format which preserves such
italic emphasis should not be HTML, it should be something else, perhaps
Adobe Acrobat (or whatever they've renamed it to).

> Perhaps we ought to use <EMPH> for all inline emphasis! This gets around
> the problem in dealing with every growing categories for different needs.
> You then would see elements like:

>         <EMPH tag="author">H. G. Wells</EMPH>

> The Web could then have an evolving set of well known categories.
> Unrecognised categories would simply be ignored by the browser. Users
> would also be able to change how the browser renders each category.

I think I see a smiley here, but it's not such a silly idea.  I've been
working on something similar, a procedural markup scheme in which the
reason for the markup occurs along with the markup.