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WWW'ers and in particular HTML'ers should listen to this, if
possible... he has particularly interesting comments about SGML and


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Release: June 4, 1993 
Content: Cliff Lynch

On this week's "Geek of the Week," 

     Carl Malamud interviews Cliff Lynch, one of the most thoughtful
participants in the race to move libraries and publishers onto 
electronic publishing platforms.  Lynch received his Ph.D. in database
systems and is currently the Director of Library Automation for the 
University of California.  Lynch's most amazing accomplishment is the
amount of travel he puts in, far outstripping anybody this interviewer
has ever met in his ability to attend any and all events where a consensus
needs to be forged.  His tireless activities have been instrumental
in bringing the networking and library communities together.

     In this interview, Cliff Lynch discusses online publishing, looking
at the issue of SGML as a markup language and examining the question of 
presentation integrity versus the desire for revisable form documents.
Lynch also discusses the Z39.50 protocol, the scaling of very large
databases, the democratization of publishing, and the role of the
Coalition for Networked Information.

     Geek of the Week is sponsored by O'Reilly & Associates and by 
Sun Microsystems. 

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