HTML Doctype Declaration (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 93 20:59:03 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
Message-id: <>
To: (Dale Dougherty)
Subject: HTML Doctype Declaration
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Dale Dougherty writes:
> In order to validate a SGML file, it must have
> a DOCTYPE declaration, pointing to the SGML DTD.
> Here's an example:
> <!DOCTYPE HTML SYSTEM "/work/dmg/dtds/html/orahtml.dtd" >
> Now, I know that the WWW parser does not need this
> information because it does not actually read
> a DTD.  However, if one is validating HTML files with an SGML parser,
> which is the right thing to do at some point, the SGML parser needs
> this line.  It would be nice to depend upon the HTML parser
> to at least know to ignore it. 
> In Xmosaic, for instance, this line is displayed on the screen.  

NOT in 1.1.  Are we clairvoyant, or what?  :-)


Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications