Building XMosaic 1.1 on HP/UX 9.0 (Chuck Shotton)
Message-id: <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1993 09:20:30 -0600
From: (Chuck Shotton)
Subject: Building XMosaic 1.1 on HP/UX 9.0
Here are a few observations about building XMosaic 1.1 on HP/UX 9.0 or 9.01
that may help speed up the process for others. 

First, NO changes are required to any of the source in the XMosaic
distribution, but there are some changes needed in the Makefiles and in
some of HP/UX's locations for include files. Here's the summary:

Building libwww:
Nothing really has to change here for 9.0. Simply uncomment the appropriate
lines in the Makefile. Under 9.0, a new compiler option has been added,
"-Ae", which takes the place of "-Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE", but libwww builds
fine the way it is.

Building libhtmlw:
This was the problem child. HP/UX 9.0 includes Motif 1.2, which needs X11R5
as well. This version of Motif quickly fills up the C Preprocessor's symbol
table, so the OTHERFLAGS variable needs to be changed as follows:

OTHERFLAGS = -W p,-H256000 -DMOTIF1_2 -I/usr/include/Motif1.2 \

The "-W p, -H256000" passes the "-H" option through to the C preprocessor,
allocating more space in the symbol table.

The X11R5/Motif 1.2 combination also eliminates the X11/Xmu directory from
the include tree. I found that it was necessary to create a symbolic link
in the /usr/include/X11R5/X11 directory named Xmu that was linked to
/usr/include/X11R4/X11/Xmu. This got things to build, but it seems like it
shouldn't be necessary. If someone knows a better way to get this to work,
please let me know.

Building xmosaic:

Only 2 lines needed changing for HP/UX in the Makefile to get xmosaic to
build. The CFLAGS line is changed to:

 CC = cc -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE -I/usr/include/Motif1.2 -I/usr/include/X11R5

The X_LIBS line is changed to:

X_LIBS = -L/usr/lib/Motif1.2 -lXm -L/usr/lib/X11R5 -L/usr/lib/X11R4 -lXmu \
         -lXt -lX11
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