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Date:     Wed,  9 Jun 93 10:36 +0300
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Hi, I have picked it up.
Sorry  if it is allready posted here before.


>>>From: Thomas R. Bruce <trb2@cornell.edu>
>> (Cross-posted to many lists and groups.  Please forgive necessary
>> duplications)
>> Folks:
>> This is an announcement of Beta Release 0.1 of Cello, a multipurpose
>> Net browser for Microsoft Windows 3.1
>> Features:
>> --WWW(HTTP/HTML) browser, with user-configurable colors
>> and fonts.
>> --Full-featured Gopher (though unfortunately not yet Gopher+)
>> client, including a hyper-ized CSO which permits (sorta dumb)
>> SMTP mailing.
>> --Transparent access (via WWW) to FTP, HyTelNet, Telnet, etc.
>> etc. ad infinitum.
>> --Graphics and PostScript viewing and sound playing via
>> MSWindows Associations...feature, using add-on, shareware
>> viewers such as SNDTOOL, GV057, and the Windows version of
>> GhostScript.
>> --Ad-hoc Telnet, FTP, and Gopher sessions.
>> --SLIP/PPP support with dialup scripting language.
>> --Supports wide range of LAN configurations via Distinct
>> TCP/IP runtime stack.
>> Things you should know:
>> -- Hardware:
>> Cello needs a Windows 3.1-capable machine with enhanced mode
>> and (preferably) swapping enabled.  It is hungry for extended RAM.
>> -- Software:
>> Cello depends (for now...we're working on a Winsock version) on the
>> Distinct TCP/IP runtime stack.  The LII has licensed the use of a
>> runtime version of this software for use by US academic institutions
>> for a period of one year, starting June 1, after which we will
>> renegotiate the license.  Commercial organizations and non-academic
>> users are strongly urged to contact Distinct directly at
>> mktg.distinct.com.
>> The Distinct software adds enormous functionality to the package,
>> including SLIP/PPP support with scripting, and configuration for
>> many types of LAN and networking layers.
>> We are working on a Winsock version which will be available
>> without restriction later this summer.
>> --How to get it:
>> FTP to fatty.law.cornell.edu, the /pub/LII/Cello subdirectory.  The
>> distribution is in multiple files.  At a minimum, you will need
>> README.1ST, which contains unpacking instructions.
>> CELLO.ZIP, which contains the executable and Help application
>> DIS.ZIP, which contains the runtime stack.
>> Optionally, you should also get:
>> VIEWERS.ZIP, which contains a graphics viewer and sound player for
>> use with Cello.
>> GSWIN.ZIP, which contains the Windows version of GhostScript.
>> PLEASE NOTE that fatty is but an humble little Sparc and you can
>> bring it to its knees fairly easily, so if you have another source for
>> the GhostScript stuff please spare me and everyone else by going to
>> the alternate source; the file is 2+ MB.
>> Installation:
>> Installation is performed by following the instructions in
>> README.1ST, then using the online help.  Additional support is
>> available from a listserv list called appropriately enough CELLO-L.
>> To subscribe, send a message to listserv@fatty.law.cornell.edu with
>> the one-liner:
>>          sub cello-l your full name
>> in the body of the message.  cello-l is watched by the developer and
>> by a few folks who graciously assisted in alpha testing and who
>> know more about the software's treacherous behavior than its
>> author; the listowner is Will Sadler at Indiana University Law School.
>> We are also working on an archive of installation hints and tricks.
>> Please try to take it easy on comp.infosystems.www; Tim already has
>> too much to deal with (grin).
>> Who'n'heck are these guys?:
>> The Legal Information Institute, operating under the auspices of the
>> Cornell Law School, is an entity set up to distribute legal information
>> in hypertextual form by various means, including the Net.  Since
>> there wasn't a Web client for the platform used most by lawyers and
>> legal academics, we took it into our (ill-advised) heads to write one.
>> This is it, almost.  For further information: lii@fatty.law.cornell.edu.
>> Regards,
>> Tb.
>> Thomas R. Bruce
>> Thomas_Bruce@cornell.edu
>> Legal Information Institute
>> Cornell Law School