Re: Gopher support in X Mosaic, cosmetic suggestion

Martin Hamilton <>
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Subject: Re: Gopher support in X Mosaic, cosmetic suggestion
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1993 14:23:10 +0100 (BST)
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From: Martin Hamilton <>
Hear hear!  The Gopher client for the Next is a good model in this

/Rich Wiggins, Gopher Coordinator, Michigan State U

(PS -- hmmm... Gopher discussions in the Mime group, Gopher-related
suggestions for Mosaic in the WWW group -- maybe the IIIR dream
is taking hold!)

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Said Ed:

/ Currently if you connect to a gopher you get a title in the Document Title
/ part of the screen, but only a "select one of" headline in the main
/ screen.  This is kind of, well, not terribly attractive.

How about in-lined images of the gopher object types?  It's a bit
difficult to navigate when you have to guess which button is an
index, and which is a directory, and ... :-)