Re: Gopher support in X Mosaic, cosmetic suggestion
Message-id: <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1993 18:32:14 -0600
To: Martin Hamilton <>
Subject: Re: Gopher support in X Mosaic, cosmetic suggestion
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>Said Ed:
>/ Currently if you connect to a gopher you get a title in the Document Title
>/ part of the screen, but only a "select one of" headline in the main
>/ screen.  This is kind of, well, not terribly attractive.
>How about in-lined images of the gopher object types?  It's a bit
>difficult to navigate when you have to guess which button is an
>index, and which is a directory, and ... :-)

Seems to me people are addressing the wrong end of the pipe with regard to
gopher support. XMosaic shouldn't have to do anything in particular with
gopher info. Shouldn't it really be up to the HTTP server (or gateway) to
present gopher information in a more palatable form? It's a very minor
change to NCSA's HTTP server to get it to put out nice looking gopher
listings with in-lined images, etc. for example.

To do this, all you have to do is modify a few of the fprintf lines in the
spew_and_free_array subroutine inside http_gopher.c.
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