Beta version .2 of Cello... (Thomas R. Bruce)
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1993 12:43:08 -0400
From: (Thomas R. Bruce)
Message-id: <>
To:, fatty!,
Subject: Beta version .2 of Cello... out. To pick it up, download from the /pub/LII/Cello
directory on  The previous version is in
/pub/LII/Cello/beta01, though why anyone would care is an open question.

The .2 version repairs the following problems:

1) Improper handling of <PRE> documents, reported by Alert Cellist Lou Montulli.
2) Improper handling of situations where telnet hosts would stack
inverse video attributes on top of bold, blink, etc (though why anyone
would do this I don't know).
3) A few miscellaneous memory-handling problems, including a tendency
to hang when telnetting to AIX hosts.
4) Inability to use anything other than a local DOS file as a home
page, reported by Alert Cellist Michael Mealling.
5) Assorted errors and omissions in the Help application, including
specific information encouraging the use of NDIS drivers with ATT StarLan.

It adds the following features:

1) Ability to access a resource directly by typing in the URL (thanks
to Alert Cellist and All-Round WWW Guy TimBL).
2) See 4) above.


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