Re: SPaces and Tabs in HTML documents (Dale Dougherty)
From: (Dale Dougherty)
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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1993 09:41:19 -0700
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        "Re: SPaces and Tabs in HTML documents" (Jun 14,  6:23pm)
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I object to collapsing spaces everywhere outside of PRE.
I agree that coding multiple spaces is not a wise thing
to do, but I must believe that lacking better solutions,
we need spaces.  Where this has caused us problems in
Xmosaic is in documents that have an inline image followed
on the same line by text.  There's no good way to get proper
spacing between the image and the first character.
We have introduced some bad coding to get around the lack
of horizontal spacing, and I don't like that approach.

I forget the HTML tag used for Program Listings, whether we
use CODE or EXAMPLE, but this is another case where spaces
are significant. 

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