Cello Beta 0.3 loose.

tom@begbick.law.cornell.edu (Thomas R. Bruce)
From: tom@begbick.law.cornell.edu (Thomas R. Bruce)
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Subject: Cello Beta 0.3 loose.
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Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1993 12:06:14 -0400
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Beta version 0.3 of Cello is hereby released on an unsuspecting world.
You can pick it up from fatty.law.cornell.edu in /pub/LII/Cello, or by
clicking on the 'pick up viewers' link on the default home page in the

The new version fixes the following problems:

1) Crashes when searching using particularly long WAIS search strings.

2) Memory leakage of various minor kinds, probably visible as gradually
slowing performance when accessing HTML files with large numbers of

It adds the following features:

1) 'enter search terms' dialog box now appears automagically when you
access a searchable document, eg. a WAIS title page.

2) DOS filenames may now be relative.  It seems to have escaped
general notice that Cello may be used as an HTML viewer regardless of
whether there is a usable Net connection or not...  

In order to implement relative names, it was necessary to make a
slight change in the way DOS file names are handled.  The correct way
to designate a file named (for instance) f:\foo\bar\bletch.htm is


Note that the colon following the f (the drive designator) was not
previously required.


There have been very few reports of GPFs and other Windows crashes.  I
am not fool enough to believe that Cello is blameless in this respect
or even capable of being used for more than 300 ms. without crashing.
Please report these; they're virtually impossible to path-test for.
If possible report what you were doing when the GPF occurred, what
resource you were accessing, and the funny hex number that shows up in
the GPF dialog box.  Indefinite hangs are also of interest.

Happy motoring,

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