Re: HTML spec

Michael Leventhal <>
Message-id: <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 93 11:35:30 PDT
From: Michael Leventhal <>
Subject: Re: HTML spec

WWW is only at the periphery of my attention, so I
apologize if my comment is not "on point" and is not
very elaborated.

I believe the growing pains of HTML can only be
resolved by evolving to the SGML architectural
form concept, as exemplified by HyTime.  That is
not to say that WWW architectural forms should
*be* HyTime, but *a* set of architectural forms
will provide a baseline for WWW browsers.  It
will be impossible to arrive at a monolithic 
answer for all problems from whitespace to
tables.  Different WWW applications will arise
although this should never preclude the most
minimal application.  In fact, one of the chief
benefits will be the ability to preserve a
minimal application which is the key to 
rapid and wide diffusion of the concept.


Michael Leventhal
Multimedia Development
Oracle Corporation