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Michael Leventhal <>
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Date: Wed, 16 Jun 93 12:05:27 PDT
From: Michael Leventhal <>
Subject: Re: HTML spec
I wouldn't care to dispute your point of view.  But since
you went down that road, I think what I suggest is the
correct approach to the problems I've seen discussed here.
Chucking it all is, of course, another kind of solution.

Best regards,

Michael Leventhal

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> From: (Marc Andreessen)
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> Subject: Re: HTML spec
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> Michael Leventhal writes:
> > I believe the growing pains of HTML can only be resolved by evolving
> > to the SGML architectural form concept [...]
> Judging from my experiences in talking to real people in the real
> world, the fastest way to kill WWW will be to go more strongly down
> the SGML path.
> (I realize the above isn't an incredibly valuable contribution to the
> ongoing discussions; I haven't had time to type up my feelings in any
> detail yet, but at this point I think that dealing with SGML in
> general is a complete waste of time and that we'd currently be a lot
> further along if we weren't burdened by the SGML baggage we've
> inherited and are still carrying.  99.99% of the people I talk to want
> to put rich documents online, want control over what it looks like,
> and don't give a damn about semantic markup or distinctions between
> document structure and appearance AT ALL; the other 0.01% are still
> grappling with this whole keyboard-monitor-mouse concept.)
> Marc