re: HTML+ support for eqn & Postscript

Torben Noerup Nielsen <>
Date: 	Fri, 18 Jun 1993 16:11:09 -1000
From: Torben Noerup Nielsen <>
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Subject: re: HTML+ support for eqn & Postscript
To: Marc Andreessen <>
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> TeX/LaTeX is the only way to fly, if we're going to do equations.  A
> much larger number of people already know how to use it.
> Marc

Fine. TeX/eqn are so similar that it really doesn't matter. Functionally, they
are isomorphic and that's what counts. What is important is that either can be
parsed and fed into a symbolic mathematics system and either can express just
about every conceivable collection of equations. With TeX supporting
equations, you would have an incredibly powerful system. Yes, the viewers
would be bigger in terms of lines of code. But consider what you could achieve
with them and I think it's worth it.

Thanks, Torben