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Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1993 15:27:18 -0700
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Subject: WWW Developer's Conference
	Announcement:	World-Wide Web Wizards Workshop
Dale Dougherty of O'Reilly & Associates and
Tim Berners-Lee of CERN are organizing a technical workshop for
W3 software developers.   We have worked out the following
dates for the workshop, to be held in Cambridge, MA. 

	Wednesday July 28 1993
	Friday July 30 1993

Depending on the turnout, we plan to 
meet at the office of O'Reilly & Associates.

The workshop is an opportunity to bring together developers 
who have been working on WWW-related code and who have had
only email (and web) contact with each other.  

A principal aim will be to discuss development priorities,
especially developments in HTTP and (to a lesser extent) HTML.
Features being added to the public domain code library, and
the basic servers, will be under discussion, for example

	- Authentication and Accounting
	- Naming schemes (URNs and machinery behind them)
	- Style sheet mechanisms
	- Negotiation of document representations,
		character sets, etc in HTTP
	- Interactive objects
	- Software needs of Internet service providers
The workshop will not be a tutorial for beginners;
it will be organized as a discussion forum for developers.
The objective is to establish common direction for
Web development, so that developers can benefit from
the work others are doing.

We would also like to have some discussions among those
with an informed managerial perspective on the current
and future directions of the web, and its organization. 

Those who are interested in attending, please email dale@ora.com.

We'd like to get a sense of how many people are coming
to ensure that we have enough space.
We will will distribute additional information, in particular
hotel information and directions, to the www-talk alias. 

Tim Berners-Lee, CERN
Dale Dougherty, O'Reilly & Associates


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