Internet Tools Search & Showcase (M. Strata Rose (consultant))
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 93 16:41:42 PDT
From: (M. Strata Rose (consultant))
Message-id: <9306232341.AA05855@>
Subject: Internet Tools Search & Showcase

I have just been asked to do a book proposal on the new generation of
Internet tools, those that depend on global connectivity and fairly
highspeed links.  I will be featuring browsers such as Mosaic, Xwais,
and Cello, and innovative audio/video/multimedia packages such as CUCME,
Netjam, MBONE multicasting, etc.  I am looking for pointers to programs
and applications, preferably in the public domain or shareware, that
are beginning to tap the promise of the Internet-- I would love to do
a chapter on collaboration and visualization tools such as the NCSA tools
and the EVL stuff, for instance.

I am also looking for pointers to the latest work in mobile and nomadic
computing; I have some info already but this is a very good place to ask. :-)

I would appreciate any pointers to new, interesting, or unusual Internet
applications that do browsing, audio or video (especially in realtime
or something quite like it), collaboration or shared work environments
without physical presence, and so on.  You get the idea.   I have a bit
of a list already, but I *know* there are things out there that I haven't
heard of yet.  Even if they're not going to be released until later in 
the year, or are still internal research projects at your university,
if it will be possible to ftp sources or binaries before January of 94
and start messing with it, I want to hear about it!  Here's your chance
at notoriety.  

I am turning in a preliminary list of chapters Friday by 5pm PST; this
will of course mutate wildly over the course of the book (I'm a realist,
even if this is my first book project) but the more things I can mention
the better chance it has of being approved.  I only need a brief synopsys
of your project to include a line or two about it in the proposal.  If
what you are developing has not been announced yet, please let me know
and I will note that, ie. "this tool is being developed at a large university
which shall remain nameless until the announcement in September".

I am not interested in commercial products at this time unless they
represent an extension or enhancement to public domain or shareware tools
(eg., the custom browser clients being developed by WAIS Inc).

Thanks for any info you can give me!  And to forestall the flood of
"I don't have anything to tell you about but really want your list"
letters, I *will* be posting a synopsys of said tools to the groups
who've received this message.


M. Strata Rose
Unix & Network Consultant
Virtual City Project  *|*  *|*