Cello Beta 0.5 out.

tom@begbick.law.cornell.edu (Thomas R. Bruce)
From: tom@begbick.law.cornell.edu (Thomas R. Bruce)
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Subject: Cello Beta 0.5 out.
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Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1993 13:38:30 -0400
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Cello Beta version 0.5 is hereby shoved out the door.


Cello now supports the use of a mail relay host for the mailing
feature (thanks to several Alert Cellists).  Use Configure/Mail relay
to set this up.

Minor performance improvements have been made in the Telnet feature
(on the order of 20% in speed, depending on what you're doing).
(Thanks to Developer Guilt)

rlogin:// URLs are now supported by mapping them to telnet.
(Thanks to Alert Cellist Lou Montulli)

FTP directories now show a link which permits a move to the parent
(Thanks to an Alert Cellist whose mail message got trashed by me
before this got written up...you know who you are).

Along the way a few GPF problems and other assorted trash got fixed,
but in some cases I could not duplicate problems reported by Alert
Cellists.  While I appreciate receiving Doctor Watson logs and the
like when problems occur -- they really _are_ helpful -- it is also
very useful (and sometimes vital) for you to include a URL for the
resource you were trying to access when whatever problem occurred.  In
the case of GPF's which occur on exit, these can be fiendish to track
down, but some idea of what you were doing immediately prior to
exiting is useful.

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