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From: "William M. Perry" <>
Thus wrote: 
>> I have just been asked to do a book proposal on the new generation of
>> Internet tools, those that depend on global connectivity and fairly
>> highspeed links.  I will be featuring browsers such as Mosaic, Xwais,
>> and Cello, and innovative audio/video/multimedia packages such as CUCME,
>> Netjam, MBONE multicasting, etc.  I am looking for pointers to programs
>> and applications, preferably in the public domain or shareware, that
>> are beginning to tap the promise of the Internet-- I would love to do
>> a chapter on collaboration and visualization tools such as the NCSA tools
>> and the EVL stuff, for instance.
>What about us poor lowly VT100 developers.  Those GUI people get all
>the glory :)

    Yeah . . . lets hold a revolution.  Death to the GUI Fascist
    Pig-Dogs?  Doesn't quite flow - oh well, will just have to wait
    for a better slogan.

    But on to the main point of the article.  Will browsers that run
    on dumb tty's be featured?  Lots of people that would benefit from
    the web (and contribute to it eventually) aren't fortunate enough
    to have X terminals or SparcStations sitting on their desks (lets
    not forget how spoiled we are), and some even have to deal with
    macs.  (And lets not forget those poor unfortunates without net
    connections (linuxers in particular)).

    	Bill P.