IEEE JSAC Call for Papers: The Global Internet (Henning G. Schulzrinne)
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Date: Mon, 27 Sep 93 10:34:09 EDT
From: (Henning G. Schulzrinne)
Subject: IEEE JSAC Call for Papers: The Global Internet
Of interest to the WWW crowd: the use of HTML as submission format.

          IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC)

                              Call for Papers
                            The Global Internet

  The  Internet  has grown  from  the dozen  or  so nodes  of  the  original
ARPAnet to a collection of more than 15,000 autonomous networks with  around
1,800,000 hosts in 60  countries, forming the largest  data network ever  in
existence.  Its  exponential growth and  status as a  component of the  U.S.
National Information Infrastructure have significantly enhanced interest  in
the Internet in the past few years.   It also uniquely combines  operational
networks which large numbers of  educational, research and commercial  users
depend on with an experimental  network conducive to the rapid  introduction
of new  services.     Internet technology  has  found  widespread  use  even
in networks  not physically  connected to  the  Internet itself.    In  both
organization and  technical details,  the Internet  marks a  departure  from
customary telecommunications and data  networks, even though the  underlying
transmission technology is often similar.
  Many  of the issues faced  by the Internet  today, in particular  scaling,
heterogeneity, security over untrusted  links and integrated services,  will
confront both private and public (data) networks in the near future.
  Technical papers are solicited concerning key Internet  problems including
the following:

  o scaling and heterogeneity

  o novel applications for the Internet

  o routing, addressing and naming

  o support for mobility

  o integration of  new  technologies such  as ATM,  SMDS, frame  relay  and
    large public data networks with the Internet

  o information services and resource discovery

  o large-scale multicast

  o internet  multimedia,   such  as  real-time  audio/video   conferencing,
    signaling issues

  o quality-of-service issues in an internet

  o resource accounting and billing

  o privacy and security in internetworks

  Electronic   submissions  in  PostScript,   LaTeX  or  HTML  formats   are
encouraged.   Please  contact  Henning Schulzrinne  by electronic  mail  for
requirements.  Electronic  and paper submissions should  be sent to  Deborah
Estrin only according to the following schedule:

                 Manuscript submission:    February 1, 1994
                 Acceptance notification:  June 1994
                 Final manuscript due:     August 1994
                 Publication date:         1st Quarter 1995
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