Re: HTML+ and <LINK>

Tony Sanders <>
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Subject: Re: HTML+ and <LINK> 
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Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1993 12:09:52 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
> Can you explain what you see as the differences between:
>     a)  "ROLE" of the link
>     b)  "REL"ationship of the documents
> Actually in the existing draft spec for HTML+ the LINK element can take
> a ROLE attribute *but not* REL or REV.
The the online stuff is out of date.  Darn, I was hoping we had resolved this.

There shouldn't be a ROLE for <LINK> or <A>.  REL means relationship,
which can mean things like:

<HEAD -- Note that all LINK elements must be in the HEAD -->

<LINK REL="UseIndex" HREF="wais:directory-of-servers.src">
    When the user does a "query"/keyword_search use this URL instead of
    the current document.
    # the wais: url might not be correct but you get the idea
<LINK REL="UseGlossary" HREF="ftp:.../sewing.glossary">
    which means the brower can use "sewing.glossary" to lookup works
    from this document (instead of marking hundreds of words with
    hypertext links to the glossary).
<LINK REV="UseGlossary" HREF="abc">
<LINK REV="UseGlossary" HREF="def">
<LINK REV="UseGlossary" HREF="ghi">
<LINK REV="UseGlossary" HREF="jkl">
    This document is a glossary for all those files.  Might be useful for
    finding related information.
<LINK REL="Annotation" HREF="http://server/annotations/0123456">
    0123456 is an annotation of this document.
<LINK REV="Annotation" HREF="gopher:...">
    "THIS" document is an annotation of gopher:...  Useful if you
    are reading annotations like news and want to read the orig.
<LINK REL="Interested" HREF="">
    Means that if "this" document changes then notify "sanders.html"
    by doing a POST to the specified URL.

    These could be used to control navigational aids,
    generate printed material, etc.
<LINK REL="Precedes" HREF="abc">
    Document "abc" precedes this one
<LINK REV="Precedes" HREF="def">
    Document "def" follows this one

<LINK REL="Made" HREF="">
    The specified URL is the creator of "this" document.  If you want
    to send mail to the "owner" then just POST to that URL.


Please Please Please read:

We need <LINK REL=... REV=...> *and* <A REL=... REV=...>