Re: SUMMARY: Running X/Mosaic from behind a firewall

Marc VanHeyningen <>
From: Marc VanHeyningen <>
To: Dave Crocker <>
Subject: Re: SUMMARY: Running X/Mosaic from behind a firewall 
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Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1993 15:46:32 -0500
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Thus wrote: Dave Crocker
>dumb idea, but I'll offer it anyhow:
>There already is a mechanism for moving data across an arbitrary
>number or kind of firewalls.
>It's called email.
>Specify a Mime content type for web exchanges and ship things via
>email.  This will, no doubt, create performance problems in some
>cases, but that can be attacked by making the firewall relays
>more efficient or handle some addresses differently, etc.
>The nature of firewalls is that they involve organizational policy,
>so that limiting the number of mechanisms operating on a firewall
>should help adoption.

I proposed something like this a while back, with Content-Types of
"message/http-request" and "message/http-response".  I probably still
have the proposal someplace if people are interested.

>P.S.  There needs to be email-based Web access, anyhow, since many
>people don't have interactive access to the net, but DO have
>email access.

I agree; it should be possible to use Xmosaic via a dialup UUCP link
(albeit slow and a PITA.)

- Marc
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