Re: FrameMaker MIF to HTML Conversion (Omy Ronquillo)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 93 09:45:16 PDT
From:  (Omy Ronquillo)
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Subject: Re: FrameMaker MIF to HTML Conversion
In-reply-to: Mail from ' (Mark Krause)'
      dated: Wed, 29 Sep 1993 11:10:47 -0400
I second the motion on this subject.

I have been looking for this software for sometime now. I did get a
copy of the MIF2HTML at one time but this didn't address the following:

   generation of a hierarchy of interlinked HTML files 
     (Chapter, Section, etc.) 
   links with external HTML documents, 
   generation of tables of contents and indices, 
   inclusion of pictures. 

Thanks in advance for the info.
> I was browsing through the "ADAMO Users Guide", at the following URL
> and noticed that the document had been converted from FrameMaker to HTML.
> The following paragraph makes reference to the conversion tools, but no
> reference to where one can retrieve these tools from.  I have tried to
> contact Bertrand Rousseau, but have not received a reply yet.  I would
> greatly appreciate any help in locating these tools, since we have many
> FrameMaker documents that we would like to put up on the Web.
> > The converter has been developed by Bertrand Rousseau, in awk and Lisp.
> > It can be modified easily to process FrameMaker documents structured
> > differently than ours, or to generate other kinds of WWW file organisations.
> Thanks!
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