Re: remote learning using Mosaic
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 93 15:45:49 EDT
Original-From: hotsand!rhb (Rich Brandwein)
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Subject: Re: remote learning using Mosaic
Note that Collage already provides capability without the use
of multicast IP (which is not supported at many of the routers -
we need to tunnel through the routers to run a wider area IP
multicast net here).  In any case, I do agree that this
could still be useful to try directly in Mosaic...

Rich Brandwein

>  Yes, this is very useful.  What about source code?
>  Chris
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>  Vinay Kumar writes:
>  [I Apologize if you are seeing two copies of this mail.]
>  Is there any interest out there in using XMosaic for doing WYSWIS (What You
>  See is What I See) kind of collaborations ? That is, XMosaic clients on
>  multiple machines being able to display the same URL simultaneously. I did
>  an overnight hack that runs over standard Unicast-IP for point-to-point 
>  conferencing as well as over Multicast-IP (Internet RFC-1054, hope this is the 
>  latest one) for multipoint situations. So, in general, any participant can 
>  click on any hyperlink and the URL gets displayed on all the different 
>  xmosaic's. It is not too robust since i have not implemented any detailed 
>  conference managing functions yet, but works, and works very well if aided
>  by real-time audio/video communication as well. I personally have found it 
>  fairly useful.
>  In any case, I am willing to share the recompiled xmosaic-1.2 sun-binaries 
>  for those of you who wish to test proof of this concept. 
>  Send me e-mail with your comments, requests etc.., please be polite !
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