Re: remote learning using Mosaic (Vinay Kumar)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 93 16:55:14 PDT
From: (Vinay Kumar)
Message-id: <9309292355.AA08106@eit.COM>
Subject: Re: remote learning using Mosaic
This was my response to an earlier email from Rich Brandwein@ATT, which
by mistake i forgot to CC: to this mailing list. 

  I am not using Collage, i am using a standard, fairly simple communication
  mechanism to do this. If all the parties involved in interaction have
  multicast-IP kernels installed, then there is absolutely no problem. The
  multicast packets would hop thru standard ip-routers without any problems. 
  Standard ip-routers see multicast packets as standard ip-packets (IP in IP
  encapsulation) , so would work just fine !
  Upgrading your Unicast Unix kernel to Multicast is not too difficult, lot
  of people are already doing it. Patches to do this are available for free.
  As for non-multicast ip machines, my version of xmosaic works fine for 
  point-to-point scenario.
    Vinay Kumar
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>  > From Wed Sep 29 12:58:34 1993
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>  > Note that Collage already provides capability without the use
>  > of multicast IP (which is not supported at many of the routers -
>  > we need to tunnel through the routers to run a wider area IP
>  > multicast net here).  In any case, I do agree that this
>  > could still be useful to try directly in Mosaic...
>  > 
>  > Rich Brandwein
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