Re: Crawling info displays and slide shows (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 93 18:44:14 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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Subject: Re: Crawling info displays and slide shows 
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Tony Sanders writes:
> > want is a general way to "play" this sort of program to any readers
> > who want to click on the relevant start button.
> Define a new Content-type: (e.g., www/slideshow)

Ack!  application/x-www-slideshow

> Something along these lines would be a start.  This steals a bit from
> /bin/sh syntax.  You could *almost* do this today with xmosaic :-)
>     .mailcap:   www/slideshow; /usr/local/bin/mosaic-slideshow %s

That would work today, if mosaic-slideshow were smart enough to fire
off a Mosaic session (or find your running one) and send appropriate
signals.  Of course, you could also use application/x-csh (see
previous msg from me this afternoon) and just use a standard shell
script with echos, kills, and sleeps.

BTW, I'm going to adopt somebody's (Charles's?) idea and have Mosaic
write its pid into $HOME/ upon startup to make this all
easier to pull off.

>     .mailcap:   www/slideshow; mosaic-internal-reference

That would work only if/when we build slideshow capabilities into
Mosaic, which may happen (I'd love to see it) but which would require
someone to write a solid spec for this sort of thing...