<p> and <b><i>.. tags (HTML+)

Charles Henrich <henrich@crh.cl.msu.edu>
From: Charles Henrich <henrich@crh.cl.msu.edu>
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Subject: <p> and <b><i>.. tags (HTML+)
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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1993 11:00:41 -0400 (EDT)
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If you all have seen this before, sorry for posting it again, but I havent
seen it come back to my site as of yet, I think the headers were hosed.  In any
case here they are (Again?)

> > 3) Physical styles should remain seperate tag's as they are currently
> > implemented in HTML.  (I.e <b> instead of <em b>).  The <em> tag should
> > refer exclusivly to logical role's, and not physical styles.
> The single tag mechanism was adopted to solve the issue of a proliferation
> of emphasis tags. Everyone has different ideas on the appropriate set, and
> I felt that we needed a mechanism that didn't freeze in today's prejudices.
> Physical styles are hints to the browser, and independent of the logical
> role of emphasis. I forsee browsers ascribing particular styles to certain
> roles which override the hints. It didn't seem worth keeping <b>, <i> and <u>
> given that the others had been removed.

I can imagine that in real practice the use of the "logical" hints will be
scarce, while we'll see prolific use of the physical ones.  As someone who
has to actually create these documents by hand, its certainly nicer to type
singular tags, as well as see them close off nicely (same argument as the </>
for me here..) i.e.

<em b>This word is <em i>italic</em></em>


<b>This word is <i>italic</i></b>

Anyone else feel the same way?  Or am I just looney? :)


    Charles Henrich     Michigan State University     henrich@crh.cl.msu.edu


> 3) The definition of <P> allows some attributes (I believe an "ID" for
> a link destination) that label the paragraph.  Unfortunately <P> is
> between two paragraphs -- which one gets the attributes?  (Some styles
> of formatting raw HTML keep the <P> tags consistently at the end of
> the first paragraph, others don't.)

I noticed this also as I was going over the document again.  It would be nice
if there were a <justify> tag instead of putting justify options inside the <p>
tag.  The <justify> tag shouldnt cause a paragraph break, for example:

<justify left>Left Justified<justify right>Right justified<p>

should produce:

Left Justified                                                  Right Justified

Granted, this is rather unlikely case, but it may be desired in some
situations.  In any case, the justification hints definatly shouldnt be part of
the paragraph break tag. (IMHO of course ;)

Id also like to suggest adding a "flush" option to the <justify> tag, that
presents nicely flushed text.  In conjunction with the <fig> tags, a magazine
style article could be represented almost identically in HTML as on paper.


    Charles Henrich     Michigan State University     henrich@crh.cl.msu.edu