over my head ... pls remove me

Bill Apgar <UGG00230@vm.uoguelph.ca>
Message-id: <9307261843.AA08134@dxmint.cern.ch>
Date:         Mon, 26 Jul 93 14:34:07 EST
From: Bill Apgar <UGG00230@vm.uoguelph.ca>
Subject:      over my head ... pls remove me
To: www-talk <www-talk@nxoc01.cern.ch>
Status: RO
Judging from the highly technical exchange re clients, etc., I gather
that 'www-talk' is _NOT_ the place to have a better idea what the
World Wide Web _is_ or where it is headed.  I fully appreciate the needs
of respondents to discuss the fine points of accessibility and the
complexities of how client packages need to be modified to get people
connected.  So -- if this mailgroup is strictly technology-of-access
and not at all related to the underlieing philosophy of www or the
broader issues of access via Internet, FidoNet, FreeNETs etc., and the
vast questions about who gets to use www (worldwide poses some large
questions for me about elitism, access to _any_ technology, etc.) --
then please boot me out of here -- the traffic is far too heavy
and unless there's some other more appropriate www-subsection for me
to join, I can't offer much at this time.
Bill Apgar