httpd question (frans van hoesel)
From: (frans van hoesel)
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Subject: httpd question
To: (www-talk)
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1993 03:00:07 +0100 (MDT)
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quick question because I don't know details of inetd:

If I were to write a shell script that would read from a file, and write
an updated file back to the filesystem (and ofcourse send some
html output too), will I get in trouble when more than one www users
accesses this script at almost the same time...
or more precisly, will the access from the first user completly be finished
before inetd alows the second user acces, or will inetd start two simultanions
running shell script.

that's the question, so.. what is the answer??

- thanks,

-- frans