Re: Newsgroups
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 93 10:15:18 EDT
Original-From: hotsand!rhb (Rich Brandwein)
Message-id: <9308111415.AA20894@hotsand.dacsand>
Subject: Re: Newsgroups
Status: RO
>  Nat suggests more newsgroups, including
>  	comp.infosystems.www.futures
>  	comp.infosystems.www.browsers
>  	comp.infosystems.www.servers
>  	comp.infosystems.www.develop
>  	comp.infosystems.www.misc
>  If the idea is entertained seriously, add one more,
>  	comp.infosystems.www.authors
>  So we can discuss issues of style, authoring tools, and the web's  
>  content (what's good, what's new, what's coming).

I would strongly second this.  I filter the gobs of mail out automagically via procmail - 
it would certainly make it easier to follow the discussions of interest.  Since we're
discussing more mail groups, I have a general question - is there a general rule of thumb
here on when to send mail and when to post to usenet?  The only working rules I can find
so far is that if it involves HTML+, send it to the mail group and that anything of significant
interest should go to both.

Rich Brandwein