RE: coupla html+ possibilities (Chris Davis)
From: (Chris Davis)
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Subject: RE: coupla html+ possibilities
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993 11:42:26 -0500 (EST)
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Marc Andreessen writes:
> (b) An optional parameter for <LI> to allow specification of a pointer
>     to an image to inline (rather than using a bullet or whatever).
>     This would let one do something like:
>     <UL>
>     <LI IMG="internal-gopher-menu"> A Gopher menu.
>     <LI IMG="internal-gopher-image"> A weathermap.
>     </UL>
>     ... and then one would get a slick bitmap-enumerated list.  Again,
>     text-based clients could substitute the normal list style or
>     textual equivalents (e.g., "[menu]" and "[image]").

When a link points to a gopher file, isn't the information about what type of 
data being pointed to already provided in the URL?

e.g.  gopher:// 
	Is known to be a "gopher-image" because of the I9.

I would think it wouldn't be too hard for the client to display a small
bitmap instead of a bullet when it sees something like this in the link. As
soon as you move out of gopher provided information, the problem becomes very
murky, and an optional parameter like the one you suggest would probably be
just about the only way to do it without a lot of headaches.

Chris Davis -- Purdue University ECN