RE: coupla html+ possibilities (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 93 04:27:24 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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To: (Chris Davis)
Subject: RE: coupla html+ possibilities
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Chris Davis writes:
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> Marc Andreessen writes:
> > 
> > (b) An optional parameter for <LI> to allow specification of a pointer
> >     to an image to inline (rather than using a bullet or whatever).
> >     This would let one do something like:
> > 
> >     <UL>
> >     <LI IMG="internal-gopher-menu"> A Gopher menu.
> >     <LI IMG="internal-gopher-image"> A weathermap.
> >     </UL>
> > 
> >     ... and then one would get a slick bitmap-enumerated list.  Again,
> >     text-based clients could substitute the normal list style or
> >     textual equivalents (e.g., "[menu]" and "[image]").
> When a link points to a gopher file, isn't the information about
> what type of data being pointed to already provided in the URL?
> e.g.  gopher:// 
> 	Is known to be a "gopher-image" because of the I9.


> I would think it wouldn't be too hard for the client to display a
> small bitmap instead of a bullet when it sees something like this in
> the link. 

Because the Gopher communications module simply produces a HTML stream
(either tokenized or raw) that looks like:

<li> <a href="gopher://blahblah/blah">An entry.</a>
<li> <a href="gopher://blahblah/blah">An entry.</a>
<li> <a href="gopher://blahblah/blah">An entry.</a>

...or something similar.  Yes, this could all be hacked so the Gopher
stuff is handled extra-special-different, but it would be much cleaner
to simply support the concept of arbitrary icons as bullets in
unnumbered lists.  I think.

> As soon as you move out of gopher provided information, the problem
> becomes very murky, and an optional parameter like the one you
> suggest would probably be just about the only way to do it without a
> lot of headaches.


Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
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