Cello: A Bump In The Road.

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Subject: Cello: A Bump In The Road.
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Because of the potential for significant abuse of our licensing
agreement with Distinct Corporation, we will no longer be distributing
their runtime stack via the Net.  

Where does this leave us?


Individuals at academic institutions within the United States will
still be able to obtain copies of DIS.ZIP (containing the Distinct
stack) by sending a FAXed request on appropriate letterhead to the
Legal Information Institute at 607-255-7193.  We will honor these
requests as quickly as we can, giving priority to those who represent
large numbers of other users, such as testers within campus computing
organizations. Others are free to order the Distinct stack directly
from Distinct Corporation, mktg@distinct.com.

HOWEVER, you should be aware of the following:

Yesterday, at the time Distinct communicated with us, we were on the
verge of announcing the release of a stable version 1.0 of Cello.
While we expect that minor bugs remain, it was in our opinion
sufficiently beaten-on to go into a full-fledged release.  We have
decided to withhold that release for approximately three to four weeks
until it can be made WINSOCK-compliant.  This should be good news for
those of you running multiple stacks -- who seem, at least from the
mail we've received, to be the majority of beta-Cellists.  It will also
permit you considerable freedom of choice in where you ultimately shop
for your TCP/IP stack.

In general, we counsel patience and would prefer that you refrain
from sending us FAXed requests unless you absolutely MUST have the
software within the intervening few weeks.  Please be aware that we
are a VERY small shop -- not the "development team" that many of you
have sent mail to -- and time spent mailing out disks is, to a
surprising degree,  time taken
away from software development.  So please be patient; we
will have a new version as quickly as we can.

We very much regret this delay, and hope that it won't ultimately
inhibit your use of Cello -- which we have a certain amount of pride
in and hope is working well for you.

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