Re: <inc> in ncsa server (Kevin Altis)
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Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1993 09:29:07 -0800
To: (Rob McCool), Charles Henrich <>,
From: (Kevin Altis)
Subject: Re: <inc> in ncsa server
>Exactly. While it doesn't really matter if it's #inc or <inc>, the point is
>that it is not HTML anymore and documents which are plain HTML should not
>have the processing done on them. Also, people should not be encouraged to
>think that <inc> is part of HTML (at least, not the way it is right now,
>since I don't believe there are any <inc> directives for clients).

I agree that the current syntax <INC...> etc. is confusing since it isn't
HTML. If it can't be HTML, I have no problem with the concept of
preprocessing and use of #inc or maybe it should be <--pre inc...--> so
that an SGML parser will treat it as a comment. I don't want to see the
power of <INC> disappear though. So now can we have <--pre if then else
...--> ;-)