Re: request for new forms submission consensus (David C. Martin)
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Subject: Re: request for new forms submission consensus 
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1993 10:52:07 PDT
Completely agree!  But eventually I want to see local processing of
actions from the user (e.g. indicating zipcode and getting state
defaulted correctly :-)  We need to start discussing the ability to
download a script to accompany the document, e.g. in a stripped down TCL
with TCL hooks into client (e.g. Mosaic) functionality for making the
buttons, scrollbars, etc... *do* something interesting at the local machine.

Dave_Raggett writes:

Frans van Hoesel has pointed out the value in being able to
use a checkbox or an icon or whatever to submit forms. In 
a tax return there might be a load of questions that become
irrelevant when you click the checkbox to indicate that you
are "single". In this case the form would be submitted and
the server would then return it with the irrelevant questions

Single? <INPUT NAME="single" TYPE=checkbox SUBMIT>

The idea here is to make SUBMIT an independent attribute
that can be used with arbitrary field types. You could
have multiple "submit buttons" in the same form. This way
authors can choose whether the form contents gets checked
after each field on a per field basis.

How about it?

-- Dave