Re: request for new forms submission consensus (David C. Martin)
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Subject: Re: request for new forms submission consensus 
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1993 13:59:05 PDT
I am not saying that the client shouldn't be kept simple; what I am
saying is that the functionality that the client supports should be
accessible to the document author.

Has anyone considered the requirements for the communication between
Mosaic and external applications?  If you are viewing a document that
has portions of it viewed by external programs, how do you plan to
communicate with those programs when the user follows another link?  Do
the items stay as they do today, or do you have some mechanism to
coordinate the transmission (and sharing) of information from the
network, with sound files being delivered to the soundtool and video
files to the videotool, etc... 

Anyway, don't underestimate what people are going to want to do with the
software.  I don't expect to dedicate *my* server to acting as some kind
of application back-end that is required to interact with every user
action that may or may not require some modification of the display.

Tony Sanders writes: (David C. Martin) writes:
> images.  I don't think that having a scripting language is too much, but it
> probably is too soon.
In my opinion this is the wrong path to be heading down, the client should
be kept simple.  All "application" things should be handled on the server
end or by external programs (if you want TCL then run TCL, don't build it
into the client).