AA BUGS and test page

luotonen@ptsun00.cern.ch (Ari Luotonen)
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 93 13:59:32 +0100
From: luotonen@ptsun00.cern.ch (Ari Luotonen)
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To: www-talk@nxoc01.cern.ch
Subject: AA BUGS and test page


as one might expect, the moment the release is out you find a bug.

However, these do NOT affect client-side, only the daemon. As for
the daemon, wait a couple of days for a new release, the main bug
cripples the daemon AA completely when using ACLs :-(.

Major problem is that Daemon 2.12 cannot read ACL files correctly;
about every other entry is skipped (and this was because of one single
extra damn line HTGroup.c :-( :-( :-().
Another thing was that multiple IP masks in group-mask didn't work
unless they were in all grouped by parentheses @(... , ... , ...).
Third thing was that the daemon didn't like the idea of not knowing
the group file name.

One might ask didn't I test this at all... My only excuse is that the
new group definition syntax allowing also IP addresses was put in
in the nick of time, and it wasn't as well tested as it should have
been, and for that I feel terrible.  And all the bugs were related to
that.  Oh well, these things tend to happen no matter how careful you
think you are...

These all have already been corrected, and a brand new daemon is
already running on www1.cern.ch.  You can use the AA testing page
for testing client AA:


or enter from the bottom of AA Overview page.

-- Sorry about all the mess, cheers, over and out, Ari --