CERN server and HTTP/1 clash? (Frederick G.M. Roeber)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1993 19:10:47 +0100
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From: (Frederick G.M. Roeber)
Subject: CERN server and HTTP/1 clash?
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A couple days ago I started playing with NCSA Mosaic 2.0.5 (yes, I know it's 
unsupported).  Using it, I receive a lot of errors from http servers, 
particularly the server (which is presumably the CERN httpd).  The 
error is the usual "Error / Requested document (URL blah) could not be accessed. 
 The information server either is not accessible or is refusing to serve the 
document to you."  Bouncing on reload doesn't help.

I've tried telnetting to port 80 of info when I receive this message, and sure 
enough "Connection refused."  If I wait a little while, then I can telnet or 

This can't be just a server problem (like overload) -- it started exactly when I 
started using 2.0.5.  But it can't be just Mosaic, or telnetting would work 
fine.  So I wonder: might 2.0.5's new HTTP/1 support annoy old HTTP/0 servers 
like what's running on info?  

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