Re: request for new forms submission consensus (Christopher McRae)
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Subject: Re: request for new forms submission consensus 
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1993 12:01:27 PDT
Tony Sanders writes:
> All of this can be done in the protocol within the confines of POST
> *and* be much more flexible.  For example, redoing your example:
[ examples deleted ]
> Ta-da.  And now I can redirect all the queries on the fly (gee,
> is down, lets try *without* having change ANY of the documents.
> You need to use a different method than POST?  No problem, just reply
> like this:
> See, no need to change the protocol, or add crap to HTML or add a limitless
> amount of code to EVERY client.   

Nuff said.  I didn't realize you could use the protocol in that way, but it's
obviously better to do so rather than encoding such things within the document.

Is such functionality already available within plexus?  the other WWW servers?
What about client support?

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