Interactive WWW Folk Song Database

Steve Putz <>
From: Steve Putz <>
Subject: Interactive WWW Folk Song Database
Message-id: <>
Date: 	Mon, 25 Oct 1993 14:56:54 PDT
There is a new World-Wide Web Server for the Digital Tradition folk song
database which allows users with an Internet connection to search for and
display songs interactively using any of several freely available WWW clients.
The WWW server can even provide audio of the song tunes for some systems.  
The Digital Tradition server is located at:

To find out about more about the Digital Tradition database, access the above
WWW server or send email to (Dick Greenhaus).

If you have questions or comments about the Digital Tradition World-Wide Web
server, please contact me:

Steve Putz <>
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
Palo Alto, California