New WWW service for the www-talk mail archive

Jay Glicksman <jay@bogle.eit.COM>
Message-id: <9310251952.AA05263@eit.COM>
Subject: New WWW service for the www-talk mail archive
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 12:51:45 -0700
From: Jay Glicksman <jay@bogle.eit.COM>
Enterprise Integration Technologies (EIT) announces the availability
of a WWW server that includes a threaded version of the www-talk
archive. It uses the Hypermail program developed by Tom Gruber at
KSL/Stanford University to put email archives into html format
(including embedded URLs).

A description of Hypermail can be found at
The www-talk archive index is at
The archive covers the entire history of the mailing list (divided
into years and quarters). It is updated every night.

This server is being set up as part of the SHARE project, a
collaboration between CDR and SIMA at Stanford University and EIT
( SHARE is developing tools and services
to support mechanical engineering design, one example of which is the
ME210 design class at Stanford. We will announce other WWW services
developed through this project as they become available.

	Jay Glicksman