Re: WWW meta indexes (proposal)

Tony Sanders <>
Message-id: <9310261556.AA04126@austin.BSDI.COM>
Subject: Re: WWW meta indexes (proposal) 
In-Reply-To: Martijn Koster's message of Tue, 26 Oct 93 09:43:54 -0000.
Organization: Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 10:56:14 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
Ok, great, my spec now only covers the physical and contact information,
then refers to yours for the url index information.  Feel free to merge
my stuff into yours and then mine will go away.
has been updated to refelect the current spec.

Building a test database should be our first priority now so Martijn can
write some perl code.

The next big thing we need to do (and we should probably start now so it
will be ready by the time we have software) is to allocate a domain
(or whatever) to own the server name.  This domain would be taken over by
the WWW consortium when it springs into existence.  Then
will be the registration daemon (which will validate and distribute
submissions).  If we don't do this we will regret it later on.  Seems like
TimBL should own this problem for now (unless he can sign up someone else
to own it).