HTML+ (Comments on latest spec)

Charles Henrich <>
From: Charles Henrich <>
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Subject: HTML+ (Comments on latest spec)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 16:04:10 -0400 (EDT)
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First off, fantastic job Dave!

Okay Comments:

1) The changed attribute should follow the standard <tag> </tag> format,
scanning for </changed> should cause no more problems in code than scanning for
<changed> again.  If the end tag must not have a / in it, I would suggest
calling the tags <beginchanged> and <endchanged>

2) The <fig> and <image> tags should be rolled into one.

3) Active areas, when a ismap image is clicked on you specify that the
coordinates will be specified with ?x=X&y=Y.  I would suggest just keeping the
standard HTML format of ?x,y.

4) As stated in possible extensions, a new subtag for figures DLINE (draw line)
that follows the same conventions of the SHAPE tag.  This would give a basic
"clean" capibility for drawing over images, and can be implemented fairly
easily on the browser end.

5) The <MH> tag doesnt seem to appear explicitly in the document anywhere.  Why
the HIDDEN attribute?  And what does the browser do when that attribute doesnt

All in all though, mighty impressive Dave!  An interesting item to note, the
firstline of the abstract "This draft presents a proposal for a light
weight..."  not very lightweight anymore, the document weighs at least 2 lbs :)

    Charles Henrich     Michigan State University