Re: continuing solaris networking problems (Paul Everitt)
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1993 08:56:59 +0600
From: (Paul Everitt)
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Subject: Re: continuing solaris networking problems
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> From: (Marc Andreessen)
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> Subject: continuing solaris networking problems
> 2.0 prerelease 7 has source-level fixes for the problems many people
> saw in pre6 in the network connection code (the new interruptible I/O
> code) on Solaris and other SVR4 systems.
> HOWEVER, if you run a stock pre7 Sun binary (e.g. the ones we
> distribute) on a Solaris system, you will not see the effect of the
> fixes, since the stock Sun binaries are naturally not compiled with
> SVR4 defined and therefore the fixes don't have any effect.

Yes, true, true.

> So, a few questions and comments...
> (a) Can someone try compiling pre7 under Solaris and let us know if
>     it's working OK?

There is someone out there that has been keeping currentbinaries  with 
the prereleases, although I will not drop the name to protect the 
innocent :-)

> (b) Is Sun shipping Motif with Solaris yet?  (I guess 2.2 is the
>     latest that's out there...)  If not, when's it going to start?

No Motif with Solaris 2.3 (released from Sun Micro on Nov 3).  Solaris
2.4 (spring) is the schedule.

> (c) Any suggestions on how we should handle this for the 2.0 release
>     next week?  We don't have a spare Sun to run Solaris on and have
>     no desire whatsoever to run Solaris on any of our in-use Suns (it
>     would be impossible).
> Cheers,
> Marc