Partial gatewaying (Frederick G.M. Roeber)
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1993 16:32:54 +0100
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From: (Frederick G.M. Roeber)
Subject: Partial gatewaying
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I'm setting up a corner of the web on a firewalled network.  Any host (almost) 
at CERN can be accessed directly; all else must go via a gateway.  
Unfortunately, the usual WWW_access_GATEWAY redirection is an all-or-nothing 
deal.  I can't just set things up so everything goes via the gateway, because 
one server will be operationally critical (containing all the on-line docs for 
running LEP and SPS), and its access should be kept as simple (and reliable) as 
possible.  (Even redirection wouldn't be very nice.)

My first thought was to hack HTAccess.c to check the hostname against an 
environment variable (set to "") to decide whether or not to use the 
WWW_access_GATEWAY variables.  Another way would be to edit HTAccess.c to skip 
the gatewaying when the host is "localhost," NFS-mount the critical stuff, and 
use file:.  Any other ideas?