Re: Turning off a sound that you've started (Steve Waterbury)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 19:33:45 EST
From: (Steve Waterbury)
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: Turning off a sound that you've started

Rich Wiggins writes:

> ... Or if Mosaic doesn't have the ability to
> kill a sound process it's spawned, is there a sound player for the Sun
> that'll pop up a dialog box to let us stop the sound when we want to? 

In fact, I have been having Mosaic call the sound player in the Sun 
Xview deskset ($OPENWINHOME/bin/audiotool) to play sounds, and it's 
probably just what you want.  (You can also "see" when the sound is 
finished, replay it, etc.)  All you have to do is change the Mosaic 
X resource XMosaic*audioPlayerCommand from showaudio to audiotool 
(with the appropriate path, of course).  

I have to admit, I haven't set up showaudio on my machine, so it was 
actually out of laziness that I was using the built-in Sun tool ... 
it's nice for the control, but has the somewhat annoying behavior 
that a new instance of the audiotool pops up every time you play a 
sound, even if there is already an audiotool running -- it would be 
great if the one that was already running could be detected and used 
for any succeeding sounds!  Perhaps this could be done with Sun's 
"Tool Talk" or something ... oh well, not high on _my_ to-do list! :-)  

Then again, the trouble with the audiotool is that it's a Sun 
proprietary thing ... I wonder if there is a PD tool along the same 

Steve Waterbury