Re: Turning off a sound that you've started (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 93 17:08:14 -0800
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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To: (Steve Waterbury)
Subject: Re: Turning off a sound that you've started
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Steve Waterbury writes:
> Rich Wiggins writes:
> > ... Or if Mosaic doesn't have the ability to
> > kill a sound process it's spawned, is there a sound player for the Sun
> > that'll pop up a dialog box to let us stop the sound when we want to? 
> In fact, I have been having Mosaic call the sound player in the Sun 
> Xview deskset ($OPENWINHOME/bin/audiotool) to play sounds, and it's 
> probably just what you want.  (You can also "see" when the sound is 
> finished, replay it, etc.)  All you have to do is change the Mosaic 
> X resource XMosaic*audioPlayerCommand from showaudio to audiotool 
> (with the appropriate path, of course).  
> I have to admit, I haven't set up showaudio on my machine, so it was 
> actually out of laziness that I was using the built-in Sun tool ... 
> it's nice for the control, but has the somewhat annoying behavior 
> that a new instance of the audiotool pops up every time you play a 
> sound, even if there is already an audiotool running -- it would be 
> great if the one that was already running could be detected and used 
> for any succeeding sounds!  Perhaps this could be done with Sun's 
> "Tool Talk" or something ... oh well, not high on _my_ to-do list! :-)  
> Then again, the trouble with the audiotool is that it's a Sun 
> proprietary thing ... I wonder if there is a PD tool along the same 
> lines? 

Try 'xplaygizmo', (if you can get through :-),
/Mosaic/misc.  It was built to provide a simple GUI for external
viewers, like sound players.