Re: CGP/1.0 specification (Ari Luotonen)
From: (Ari Luotonen)
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 93 13:49:26 +0100
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: CGP/1.0 specification

> That's probably because you have filename globbing on so tcsh goes
> through that stuff searching and matching any wildcards it finds.
> With "set noglob":
> 	set FOO=`cat big.html`
> completes in less than 2 seconds with a 100K file (on my Sparc IPX
> with no heavy load).  In Bourne shell it's even faster.

Oups, ignore tcsh-part of what I said.  I should have said 'setenv'
and not 'set'... With a 100K file 'setenv' practically never returns.
I waited 5 mins and then killed my tcsh... :-(

But Bourne shell really does the set and then export in less than
2 secs.

-- Cheers, Ari --